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Cyril Church in Kiev

Cyril ChurchCyril Church is one of the oldest temples with six cupolas. It was built in the early XII century on the outskirts of the city. The main cathedral of the Cyril monastery was intended as a tomb for Olgovichi. At the end of XII century in this sacred place there was buried Svyatoslav, prince of Kiev and the hero of “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign”.
The temple itself can not be called elegant, but it contains elements of romance, cross vaults, the walls are decorated with frescoes, which, together with the paintings have survived to this day, being restored by a famous artist Mikhail Vrubel, who was also engaged in painting the church in its restoration.

Since the collapse of Kievan Rus, the church had been constantly repaired, reconstructed and rebuilt. Thus, in the XVIII century the temple had the distinctive features of the Ukrainian Baroque (that made it a monument of culture and architecture); there was stuccowork on the walls and ceiling, there have been built new monastery buildings, in Cyril Church in KievSoviet times there was demolished the bell tower.

Cyril Church can not be called the famous monument in Kiev, but its history, the mixing of different styles and eras make it truly interesting and worthwhile attraction.


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