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Deribasovskaya Street in Odessa

Deribasovskaya StreetDeribasovskaya Street is one of the main streets of Odessa as well as the attraction of the city. Its pavement is of stone blocks, and the most of the street is just walking and completely closed to traffic. The first built in Odessa Park is adjacent to the street, which is known as City Garden, and the whole street is filled with various shops and cafes.

During the history the street changed a lot of names: first - Gymnasicheskaya, then Deribasovskaya, after - La Salle, then - Chkalov and, finally, since 1941 - Deribasovskaya. The name of the main street of Odessa was received in honor of the first mayor, Joseph Mikhailovich de Ribas, who governed the city since its foundation.

On the Deribasovskaya Street there are situated the well-known attractions: in Deribasovskaya Street. Odessathe beginning of the street there is the monument to first mayor Joseph Mikhailovich de Ribas, where he is depicted resting on a shovel and holding a map of the city, in the courtyard of the house number 3 there is a monument to L. L. Zamenhof, famous creator of the language Esperanto, and, of course, City Garden, favorite vacation spot of Odessa citizens and tourists.

City Garden was founded in 1803 by the brothers de Ribas. Since 2006, in the park there was held a full restoration, ending in 2007. Among the innovations there can be distinguished singing fountain, fully repaired and restored round stage, where are held the performances of symphony orchestras, ennobled monuments: monument to “Twelfth chair”, devoted to works of Ilf and Petrov “The Twelve Chairs”, monument to L. Utyosov, monument to well known athlete and pilot S. Monument to Utyosov. OdessaUtochkin, monuments to the lion and lioness with the lion cubs.

Deribasovskaya Street does not lead to the sea, but it was chosen the major street, as it fully corresponds to Odessa citizens: it is comfortable, quiet, calm and home, as well as unique meeting place for old friends.


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