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Dnepropetrovsk Lenin Embankment

Dnepropetrovsk Lenin EmbankmentDnepropetrovsk embankment of Lenin lies in the heart of the city and stretches along the right bank of the Dnieper River for more than 23 kilometers. It is especially beautiful between Merefo-Kherson Bridge and Amur Bridge, located in her heart of the street.
Up to 50 years of XX century, when the building of the embankment started, the coastal part of the city was not built up. To avoid destruction, this part began to be strengthened of the wastes from the metallurgical plant named after G.I. Petrovsky. To transport the slags there was specifically constructed a new rail line length of 10 kilometers. There began an active construction of the dam.

The embankment in Dnepropetrovsk has a soft curve. The walls adjacent to the water is faced with granite, the parapet Dnepropetrovsk Embankmentis made of granite blocks fixed between units cast-iron grating, through which one can see the river water.
Two and a half thousand square meters of the territory of the Embankment was set for the planting of different plants. Currently, the street is decorated with about seven thousand bushes of different varieties of chrysanthemums, and more than forty species of trees and plants, which are rare for the Dnepropetrovsk region. When planting lawns there was used a new method of instant landscaping – roll up lawn.
In the center of the embankment of Lenin, near the water's edge there is a wide terrace where you can relax in a cafe, fishing or just walking to Embankment of Lenin in Dnepropetrovskescape the summer heat. Also, there are several viewing platforms and an amphitheater with a magnificent view over the river.

During the construction of the embankment there was paid much attention to the lighting system: it’s equipped with modern lamps that give this place charm and European style. 


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