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Dnieper Hydropower Plant in Zaporozhye

Dnieper Hydropower PlantDnieper hydropower plant is located in Zaporozhye. Its location is lower the flooded rapids of Dnieper River. The plant is a part of Ukrhydroenergo JSV, and on the basis of its energy there was the building of the industrial complex in Zaporozhye, including aluminum smelting and steel manufacturing.

The composition of hydroelectric complex consists of hydroelectric turbine hall of hydropower plant-1, which is located on the right bank and is faced with pink Armenian tuff; due to this fact the building bears the title of the monument of architecture. The hydroelectric complex also includes the main control panel, switchboard wall, machine room of hydropower plat-2 and blind dam. Initially the most of the equipment for Dnieper hydropower was bought in the USA, but then there were used generators, manufactured in Leningrad (St. Petersburg).

The first offer of building of hydroelectric power station on the rapids of the Dnieper had been made in the early XX century. The project of 1905 involved the construction of the three hydropower plants on the territory from Dnepropetrovsk to Zaporozhye, but the plan was not implemented.

In 1921 there was adopted a resolution on the release of lands to be flooded during the construction of hydropower plant. The development of the new construction project included the experience of the construction of other hydroelectric power plants located around the world. But the Dnieper Hydropower Plant IIplan was not implemented due to the economic isolation of the Soviet Union and the inability of the domestic industry to manufacture electric generators with the required power. There started the negotiations with the USA to supply the equipment, but the countries could not reach the agreement. In the end, it was decided to build hydropower by domestic staff under the supervision of consultants from the United States.

The construction of Dnieper hydropower began in 1927, and already in 1932 there was started the first unit. In 1939 Dnieper hydropower plant was awarded with the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

On August 18, 1941, during the retreat of Soviet troops from Zaporozhye, the dam of the Dnieper hydropower was exploded by the special unit of the NKVD (people’s commissariat for internal affairs in Soviet Union). The lack of coordination of the Soviet authorities led to the deaths of thousands of people, who had not managed to evacuate from the surrounding areas.

During the German occupation of Zaporozhye, there was restored part of the dam and there was brought German equipment on hydroelectric plant for power supply of occupied territories. In autumn 1943, during the retreat of the German fascist, the invaders were planning to explode the dam, but the domestic pioneers and scouts were able to prevent them from fully implement the plan.

In the years 1944-1950 there is held the restart of the Dnieper Hydropower Plant. In 1969, the hydropower complex is expanding by building Dnieper Hydropower Plant II, which was completed in Dnieper Hydropower Plant in Zaporozhye1975-1980, alongside with the shipping locks. In 2008 there starts the reconstruction of turbine buildings, and in 2010 the road crossing on the dam was transferred to the balance of Ukrhydroenergo JSV.


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