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Dominican Monastery and Cathedral in Lviv

Dominican CathedralDominican Cathedral and Monastery is one of the most important and beautiful architectural monuments in Lviv, built in Baroque style. It is located at Museum Sq., 1. The temple is known as the Temple of the Holy Eucharist since in 1990 it was turned over to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. In its walls there is the famous Museum of Religion and Atheism, opened in 1972, as well as creative association "Dzyga".

For the first time the Dominican church and monastery appeared in Lviv in 1370-1375. They were erected on the project of Nicholas Czech. After almost four centuries, in 1749, on this place there was founded the new cathedral, the architect of which was Jan de Witt. The building was financed by Polish Hetman Jozef Pototski, and the construction of the church lasted for more than 10 years. Since 1865, the Cathedral had been constantly restored and rebuilt: in 1865 there was attached the Bell Tower, which had four tiers, and was built in Baroque style, in 1895 there was reconstructed the dome, and from 1905 to 1914 there were carried out the restoration works inside the church.

Dominican MonasteryDominican cathedral is built of stone and has the form of the elongated cross with the central part in the form of an oval. The altar is made in the form of rectangle, and the top of cathedral is decorated with dome, supporting 8 pairs of twin columns. The pediment has amazing sculptures, made at different angles. The architecture of the church was influenced by the churches of Rome, Vienna and Bologna.

The interior of the cathedral is designed in the Baroque style. The altar is decorated with four large statues, galleries and balconies – with wooden statues, created by Lviv sculptors. In the church there are several monuments of art, that’s why so many tourists enjoy visiting this temple.

The monastery cells are attached to the Dominican monastery; they were Dominican Monastery and Cathedralrebuilt in 1621 and restored after fires in 1766 and 1778 years. The cells, like church, are built of stone, have a rectangular shape and rise up to 3 floors. The monastery is known for the fact that here was kept the statue of the Virgin of St. Jacek, it was the shelter for Galshka Ostrog, the heiress of the Ostrog princes, here was signed a peace treaty between Russia and Rzeczpospolita, which united to fight against Sweden.


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