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Dominican church in Ternopil

The St. Vincent Ferrara Dominican church can be called the most valuable, though not the oldest architectural monument in Ternopil (now the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary).

The Dominican church in Ternopil

The sanctuary facade faces the modern Liberty Square – in days of old, during the Polish period, it was the Jan Sobieski Square. The main Ternopil Square has already existed in the middle of the XVIII century, when the Dominican Church was only conceived to build, that’s why the temple and the Square are long together.

The magnificent church was built in 1749-1779 for the August Moschinskyi project (according to other sources, the construction was completed in 1778, and the church was consecrated in 1779) .The majestic basilica is decorated with two square in plan, three-staged towers with pyramid, al elongated endings. The Massive oval dome with lyukarnas, with the lantern on its top, reinforces the impression of monumentality. Once the South tower of the temple had a watch. Frescoes of the side naves belonged to his pupil, Joseph Hoynitskyi. The paintings are still preserved only in fragments on the dome (modern painting on the plafond are made by a Kievan, George Zhuravskii, the nave is painted by two local artists I. Zilinok and M.Nikolaychuk).

St. Vincent Ferrara Dominican church in Ternopol

In 1820-1901 the church belonged to the Jesuits, and there was a gymnasium in the cells. In 1908-1910 the dome was restored, the frescoes were updated and the church was electrified. The temple was badly damaged in April 1944. In 1959 it was restored, and then the warehouse theatrical scenery located in the shrine. In 1978-1989 here was the Ternopil Art Gallery. The two-storied cell premises are adjacent to the church (now it is the State Region Archive). A small side entrance of the church is interested by its dynamic baroque plasticity. The temple facades were decorated with sculptures. A memorial table of 1778 in honor to Jozef  Potockyi, the founder of the monastery, is preserved in the shrine.  The entrance of the temple once guarded a statue of  St. Vincent , a patron of charities and the Ternopil church patron .By the  middle of the XVIII century Vincent was very "fresh" holy: he a  French priest and missionary of the XVI century, was canonized only in 1737, That sculpture didn’t preserve to present days. In 2004 the Cardinal Joseph Blind monument was installed at the entrance to the temple.

The iconography, at least the leaflet iconography of the Ternopil church is extremely rich.


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