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Academic Theatre of Russian Drama by Lesya Ukrainka

Theatre of Russian Drama in KievNational Academic Theatre of Russian Drama named after Lesya Ukrainka is located in Kiev, in the building of the former theater Bergognie in the very heart of Kiev - in the center of the historic part of the city, on the corner of two old streets (Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Pushkin), in a short walk from Khreshchatyk, near the Golden Gates.

The history of the theater begins in 1891, when the creative team for the first time made the performance in the building of the current National Academic Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko. Having changed a number of names during the period of its existence, the theater was given its present name in 1941.

Theatre of Russian Drama by Lesya UkrainkaThe work of Academic Theatre was twice interrupted: since 1919 to 1920 and since 1941 to 1942. With the Great Patriotic War the actors composition broke over and worked in the evacuation, and a year later the chief director K. Khokhlov again gathered the troupe in Karaganda, which returned to Kiev after the war.

National Theatre of Russian Drama was awarded with the Order of Labor Red Banner and received the title of the academic theater.

Theatre has always been famous for its outstanding actor and director composition, which attracted visitors to the performances not only from all over Ukraine, but also from neighboring countries. Among the eminent personalities of the theater were the actors Mikhail Romanov, Maria Strelkova, Ada Rogovtseva, directors Konstantin Khokhlov, Nikolai Sokolov, Georgi Tovstonogov, artists Anatoly Petritsky, Leon Alshits, Academic Theatre of Russian Drama by Lesya Ukrainkacomposers Boris Lyatoshynsky and Yuri Shaporin etc.

The most famous performances of Academic Theatre are: "Living Corpse" by Leo Tolstoy with Mikhail Romanov, "Toybele and Her Demon" by I. Bashevis-Singer with Tatiana Nazarova, "Warsaw Melody" by L. Zorina with Ada Rogovtseva etc.


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