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Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard in Dnepropetrovsk

Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard in DnepropetrovskIn September 2004, in Dnepropetrovsk on the Ispolkomovskaya Street there was held the grand opening of Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard, which was at once unofficially named the “New Arbat”. In the first days of its existence the citizens appreciated the Boulevard and it became a favorite place for spending leisure time in Dnepropetrovsk. On the boulevard there are several shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, pubs and snackbars, but its main attraction is the alley of fountains, paving stones and stone benches for having rest.

The sparkling shining windows and lights on Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard give a European look to this place and the paving stones create the European charm throughout the boulevard appearance. The street is bounded on two sides with large stone balls, which got a popular name Monument to Unknown Oligarchof "dinosaur eggs". The stone benches, which are the embellishments of Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard, are round; there are growing trees.

Several years ago there was erected the monument to "Unknown Oligarch" on Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard. The designers and sculptors of the monument are still unknown; the person of the image of the statue is also a mystery. The monument, covered in the veil of mystery, however, immediately was loved by the citizens. Dnepropetrovsk people believe that the statue was placed in honor of a local influential person by his friends to celebrate his anniversary. How they ideas correct is unknown. Miss Monument Dnepropetrovsk

The monument depicts a man with an outstretched hand, who sits on the bench. Townspeople have thought their signs: if to rub the cigarette, which a man holds in his hand, then to money and if to sit on the man, this to prepare for wedding. And in the autumn 2009 there was held a competition for the most original photo with the monument “Miss monument”.

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