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Filippov’s mansion in Zhitomir

Zhitomir has a lot of buildings from earlier centuries that are famous not only in Ukraine, but also throughout the world. Since the city was badly damaged during the World War II, only a few architectural monuments managed to survive until nowadays, and that makes them even more valuable.

Filippov’s mansion in Zhitomir

The baroque mansion of Filippov, a lawyer and notary, is located in the southern part of Zhitomir in Bolshaya Berdichevskaya street and is a historical and architectural monument of local importance. The year of construction of the wooden house is not known now. Filippov bought the mansion in 1886 because of its location and destroyed the original building shortly after the purchase. By 1903 he had built a new luxurious house in the style of baroque. The mansion is as beautiful as the former consistory, which is now used as the local history museum and is located not far from St. Sophia church.

The mansion is divided into three parts: the central part with a mansard and the right and left two-storeyed outbuildings. The arched windows are painted white and add to the exquisite image of the building, while several mighty pillars holding a portal above the central entrance make the mansion appear majestic.

The other side of the mansion

Ivan Filippov owned the mansion until the Revolution of 1917 started. After these events the building was acquired by Zhitomir city administration.

The new owners of the house rapidly changed the purpose of the building. During several decades it was used as a secondary school, a Registry Office and the Department of Justice. Unfortunately, a great number of owners negatively influenced the image of the building, and the former baroque luxury is now gone.

The reconstruction of the architectural monument started in 2010 with renovating the remaining interior pieces and restoring the valuable parquet that has stayed untouched for over a century.


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