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Fire tower in Zhitomir

Zhitomir was founded in 884 and is located to the west from Kiev. It is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Zhitomir has been part of several different states throughout the years of its existence.

Fire tower in Zhitomir

Originally Zhitomir was part of Kievan Rus, and later it was repeatedly attacked by Tatar-Mongolian army. In the XIV century the city was included to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. After the Lublin Union was adopted, the city was given to the Polish gentry. As soon as Poland was divided, Zhitomir became part of the Russian Empire. All these events influenced Zhitomir architecturally and historically, which led to dozens of fascinating attractions for tourists to see.

One of these attractions is Zhitomir Fire tower. The tower is still functioning and is considered an architectural monument of municipal importance. There is a museum in the tower, where you can learn about creating the fire extinguishing system and equipment used in firefighting. With the help of a movie projector viewers can see a film that tells how fires start.

Fire tower, Zhitomir

In the early XX century Zhitomir had over 50 fires every year. Damages from the fires in 1910 cost the city 32.000 rubles. In 1970 Zhitomir got its first firefighting team of 50 employees. However, the number of workers was not enough to fight the growing number of fires. At the time there was no belfry, which is considered to be essential for firefighting, in Zhitomir. In 1893 the new governor Sukhodolsky came to Zhitomir and instantly addressed the issue. In 1894 to improve the response time the city firefighting department was divided into two teams. The first was headquartered in an estate in 1st of May street that was founded specifically for the firemen, and the second tram stayed in the mansion of Burgher Zolotonovich, who was head of Zhitomir firefighting department for over 30 years.

In 1895 the tower was constructed in Bazarnaya street. This tower is still being used by the fighters. A third firefighting department was built in Zhitomir. Unfortunately, this tower was burned down in 1909. Firemen couldn’t always fight the fire efficiently, which is why Zhitomir also had «Society of property insurance against fire" and "Volunteer Fire Company."

Address: Zhitomir, 1st of May street, 33.


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