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Fishing and hunting near Kiev

Fishing near KievSome people see hunting and fishing as a unique chance for a modern human to travel back to the ancient times when these crafts were not a sort of entertainment but a way for survival. Precise shots and wiggling of the bobber bring not only the desired prey, but also a sense of glory and satisfaction.

The rapid growth of metropolis cities leaves the fauna less and less space for living. A modern hunter should travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers to fulfill his intention. At the same time the success is not guaranteed, and comfort is totally out of question. On the other side, sometimes you can find the excellent comfort and a guaranteed catch, but the price is too high to pay. The gamekeepers are also not the most welcoming hosts for hunters. If you don’t pay enough, they won’t let you catch a decent prey and you will have to pay for a little goat as much as you would pay for a boar. What is a modern man to do when he feels the desire for hunting? People talk so much about the joy from hunting and the pride a hunter feels after it. Now you have the solution as the opportunity to go fishing and hunting while feeling comfortable in the Kiev suburbs has emerged.

Fishing near Kiev

FarmhouseFarmhouse «The Lake». Among the accommodations that the hosts offer the guests – houses, camps and farmlands – every visitor can choose the one that fits his budget best. For instance, not far from the village Kletnya (80 kilometers from Kiev in the Korosten direction) there is a farmhouse called “The Lake”. The camp is located in the scarcely populated forest area. The hosts don’t lower the water level or overfeed the fish before the weekend; every year they drop the fry in the water and occasionally cleanse the water and conduct other sanitary events. It is notable that you don’t have to pay for the fishing spot – you just have to be among the first people to occupy them. The lake is 6 acres in square and serves as a home for crucian carp, silver carp, grass carp and tench. Some of the examples caught in these territories were as big as 7 kilograms. One fisherman is free to use 2 fishing rods. The hotel that is situated nearby provides accommodations for the whole family: while the man is busy doing what he likes most, the family can enjoy the local nature and fresh air. The local nature is worth admiring: there are only fields, forests and a clear lake, and not a single plant! The nearest highway Kiev-Kovel is more than 10 kilometers far.

Camping and fishing site «Cuba»

Camping and fishing site

One more place to go fishing in the lakes and Desna river is the Vyshgorod district. The village Sukholuchye hosts a camping and fishing site “Cuba”, where you can not only choose the accommodation from budget to luxury ones, but also rent a boat, fishing rods and spinnings. For those who only start their journey into the world of fishing there are fishing classes. The site works all year round.

Fishing site «Firth»

Fishing site

The same district near the Kiev Sea hosts the fishing site “Firth”. The nature here is fascinating, and near the sea you fill find a sand beach surrounded by the pine forest. В этом же районе на берегу Киевского моря расположена рыболовная база «Лиман». You can rent boats and tents as well.

Fishery «The fish cordon»


In Fastov district, the village Yaroshevka, you can find a fishery “The fish cordon”. The regularly repopulated lake has carp, grass carp, crucian carp, pike, perch, rudd and roach in it. One person can use two rods. You can even go fishing from a boat during the spawning period. It is a perfect place for a family vacation with its mini hotel, a restaurant and summer houses. Horse riding is another great entertainment opportunity.

Camp «Fishing divine». You can find the same service in the Fastov district in Malaya Ofirna village. A fishing school is also welcoming new visitors.

Fisheries «Hrebenki» and «Julia». Two fisheries can be found in Vasilkovsky district. In “Hrebenki” in the village Hrebinki you can rent a boat and go fishing in the lake. You can use as many fishing rods as you like and use the free parking or visit the café afterwards. The same service can be found in the “Julia” fishery in the village Poradovka.

Fishery «Zabirye»


If you want to go fishing in the Kiev-Svyatoshin district, visit the fishery lakes cascade in the suburbs of Zabirye village. You can use three fishing rods at once. The fishing spots are well-equipped, also you can use the beach, the houses, the parking lot and the café.

Another spots for fishing near Kiev are Krasnaya Slobodka-Germanovka (Obukhov district), Velyky Pritskah (Kagarlyksky area), Kozintsev (Borodyansky area) Kiylove (Boryspil district) and village Paryshkov (Baryshevsky district).

While picking a spot for fishing near Kiev, choose by the level of comfort you desire to have. Even if you would like to spend a night on the bank of the lake or the pond and experience the conditions of true fishing, your family members might not be happy while getting cold in the tent. That’s why if you want to have a nice family vacation, organize everything beforehand. There are so many fishing opportunities in the suburbs of Kiev that everyone can find what he likes best.

Hunting near Kiev

Hunting near KievThere are lots of hunting spots near Kiev. If you’re interested in the certain kind of prey, consult the experienced hunters on the special internet forums. For example, in the forest areas and fields of Makarovsky, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky and Desnyansky districts, you can find hares, wild boars and foxes. Hunters who shoot migrating ducks often hunt in Boryspil district and Husintsi.

Hunting is now easy task and requires a lot of preparation. As a hunter you sometimes have to spend time far from the civilization in the least favorable conditions. Every hunter should know how to organize accommodations and navigate the area. And, of course, they should know precisely how wild animals behave. Also you’re going to need a list of permissive documents for hunting. If you have prepared for the hunting well, you improve your chances of a good result which will delight you and your family. Break a leg!

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