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Fomin botanical garden in Kiev

Fomin botanical garden in Kiev is one of the most popular places for Kiev citizens to have a walk in. The park is not really large, but its location in the center of the city makes it more attractive than the Central botanical garden. A few years ago you had to pay to visit the garden, and nowadays the entrance is free of charge, even during the time when magnolias are blossoming and thousands of visitors come to the garden.

Fomin botanical garden

A certain part of the botanical garden is reserved for research purposes and is therefore closed for visitors. It has a separate entrance in Petliura (earlier Kominterna) street. Even though there is no information on visiting the closed part of the garden, there are still occasional tours to that place. To visit it you have to make an arrangement with the botanical garden administration.

A greenhouse

The botanical garden was founded in 1830 and occupies the area of 22.5 hectares. Thanks to the efforts of scientists the garden managed to survive even the toughest times. You can see a lot of inducent plants that were brought here from their natural habitats. First plants were planted in 1839, and by 1850 the basic collection was already created. Today the territory of the garden is divided into separate parts according to the types of plants that grow there.

Office building of the garden

The current state of the garden is far from perfect. Money donated by philanthropists were enough to cover the reconstruction of the small part of the territory. Locals from surrounding Kiev districts have tramped down paths across the garden and use them as shortcuts, which naturally negatively influences the nature.

Address of Fomin botanical garden: Kiev, Kominterna street, 1.


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