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Forged sculpture park in Donetsk

Donbass has been famous for its blacksmiths from old times and to our days, the masters of forged art by combining ancient traditions with modern, surprisingly show the subtlety and finesse of their work.

Forged sculpture park in Donetsk

Every year, Donetsk holds the festival of "Park of forged works". The subject of each work varies, and anyone who considers himself a master or an artist can bring their work and take part in the festival. In addition to recognition, the winner will get a cash prize.

During the festival everyone can not only enjoy, personally, the work of the masters, but also have a master class directly within the park.

Forged sculpture park

During the festival take place competitions: forge kitchen, blacksmith's costume and show of force. And in the end is held, by tradition, the festival "Rock-forge."

Last year the distinguished participants of the festival by making a smithy under the ground in a salt mine. There's the wizards of their craft wrought a tree that graced every little element executed in its own author's style. This monument was a gift representing the blacksmithing skill for all visitors, and for the guardian spirit of the miners - good Shubin.

In 2011 the festival of the blacksmiths once again turned to the spirits, and in the Park of forged sculptures appeared and In Forged sculpture parkalley with devils and other mystical characters.

Park of forged figures located in Donetsk received its name and is developing mainly due to this wonderful festival.

"Punch line" of the park is an unusual layout and names. There is the "Alley of zodiac signs", the beautiful roses bloom and butterflies come to life, you can not even believe that all this is forged from steel by human hands.

Appreciated are the work of local artists and from outside the state. Donetsk first (among the many cities the former Soviet Union) was included in an international organization of blacksmiths' “The Ring of blacksmiths cities"


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