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Freedom Square in Kharkov

Freedom SquareFreedom Square in Kharkov is the central square of the city, the sixth-largest square in Europe and the twelfth in the world. Since its inception and until 1996 the square had the name of Dzerzhinsky, during the Great Patriotic War, in 1942 the German fascist invaders renamed the square in the Square of the German Army, and in 1943 - in the Srea of the Leibstandarte SS in honor of the 1st Division Leibstandarte SS “Adolf Hitler”, which had just re-captured the city on Aug. 23, 1943.

The length of the Freedom Square is from 690 to 750 meters, the width of its rectangular part - from 96 to 125 meters, Freedom Square in Kharkovthe diameter of the round part - 350 meters, the area - 11,9 hectares. The shape of the Liberty Square resembles a flask, the neck is drawn to the Sumskaya Street, rectangular part goes to Sumskaya Street and is paved, and the round one leads to Lenin Prospect. Under the square there are located two subway stations: "University" and “Gosprom”.

Freedom Square in Kharkov is associated with a few interesting facts: it is 5 times larger than Red Square in Moscow, in August 1944 there was held a huge exhibition of military equipment, and 6 years later - the exhibition of peaceful hardware, which was produced by city enterprises. In 1991, during the graduation ceremony of officers of the Kharkov Guards Higher Tank Command School in the name of the Supreme Council of USSR, the President of the Supreme Council of USSR and the future first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk suffered from the movement's activists "Ruch", who planned to disrupt his speech. However, the demonstrators were dispersed by tank school cadets and local police forces. In Kharkov Freedom Square2008, on the Freedom Square there was held the performance of the famous British rock band Queen + Paul Rodgers, which was attended by the greatest number of viewers: more than 350 thousand people. Due to the fact that the entrance to the area was free, the musicians have not received fee, there were paid only the cost of the concert holding and stay in the city.


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