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Gadyach regional landscape park

Gadyach regional landscape park is located in Gadyan district (Poltava region) on the banks of picturesque rivers Grun and Psyol. It occupies the area of 23.000 hectares. There are no large industrial centers in that territory, which means flora and fauna in the area are wonderfully diverse.

Gadyach landscape park

The park is unique in many ways, and one of them is the area of juniper forest. It is the only one in the left-bank steppe in Ukraine and has plants that are over 100 years old. Another attraction is a section of mixed forest in the outskirts of Velbovka village. There are hundreds of plants, and many of them are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Meadows of Gadyach landscape park are also remarkable, as you can seen gladioli, lilies, and white orchids among other plants there.

Photo of Gadyach park

Inside the park there is Gadyach sanatorium. It is located in Galochka tract, a 300-year old relict oak grove with clearest air possible. The park is perfect for any kind of tourism, including scientific, historical, eco, country, green, and hunting tourism. Not long ago a beach was opened on the bank of Psyol river. Old forests, scent of steppe plants, and picturesque landscapes make this area quite attractive for tourists and vacationers.

A path in the park

Gadyach used to be the capital of Ukraine. This city is linked to lives of many famous Ukrainian hetmans: Ivan Briukhovetsky, Ivan Vygovsky, and Cyril Razumovsky. Mikhail Dragomanov, a cultural and political activist, and Olena Pchilka, a writer and the sister of Dragomanov, were born there. Lesya Ukrainka used to work on her art in Zeleniy Gai tract. The writer Panas Mirny also spent his childhood years in gadyach.

Address of Gadyach regional landscape park: Poltava region, Gadyach district.


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