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Golden Gates in Kiev. Ukraine

Golden Gates. UkraineUntil modern times there preserved few monuments of ancient Russ during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise, and the Golden Gates is one of them. The construction of the gate is mentioned in chronicles in 1037.
Of course, Kiev, gaining strength, had to be surrounded with the fortified walls with watch towers and gates. The Main Gate, similar to Constantinople ones, opened access to the main Christian shrine of the city – Saint Sofia Cathedral and the surrounding monasteries. This explains its name - Gold, as in Constantinople.

But it had differences. Golden Gates of Kiev were multipurpose: watchtower, grand gates of the capital and the temple - the gate Church of the Annunciation. Everyone, who enters Kiev, should know that this is a Christian city. After restoration works the church was renewed as a single-domed church with hidden adders in the thick walls, so that they do not project from the facade. At the same time there were Golden Gates. Kiev. Ukraineconducted the restoration works and found pieces of fresco plaster smalt, which is evidence of the existence in the church frescoes and mosaics. To improve acoustics and reduce the weight of the vaults of the Golden Gates there were used jugs. The gates were located in the southern part of the city and were used for ceremonial entry into the capital. Among the three major gates of the city the main ones are the Golden Gates. And in front of the gates there was dug the trench with depth up to 8 meters. The watchtower of the Golden Gates was a powerful stone building, and the height of the preserved walls reaches 9.5 meters.

Golden Gates carried out its purpose up to the XVIII century, they were destroyed and looked like the ruins. In 1832 there was made a decision to preserve them. And in 1970 there was created a museum of history of the Golden Gates in Kiev. UkraineGolden Gates, it was located in a pavilion next to them, then it was moved into the building of the gates, which was successfully restored.
Golden Gates were erected also in Vladimir city by Andrei Bogoliubsky. They proved its value: when in 1238 the Tartars besieged the city, they did not try to storm the Golden Gates, and broke through the wall to the south of them.

Golden Gates. Ukraine


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