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Goloseevsky park in Kiev

The first artificially created park in Ukraine was founded by the Kiev-Pechersk archimandrite Peter Mogyla in 1631. Later the park enhanced and finally merged into the forest with, having lost its identity.

Goloseevsky park in Kiev

Nowadays the Goloseevsky park named after M. Rylsky occupies 19,9 hectares of historically significant Kiev area. It was founded in 1957, based on a piece of woodland. The park was named after a famous Ukrainian poet Maxim Rylsky.

The compositional axis of the park is a cascade of four ponds, which are located in Orekhovatskaya valley. Ponds are equipped with boat stations and observation decks. There are playgrounds and sport grounds, an outdoor theatre, rides and cafes in the park.

An alley in the park

In 1965 a monument to participants of the defense of Kiev was installed in Goloseevsky park, and a literature memorial museum of Maxim Rylsky with a bronze monument to the poet in the yard was opened in 1968.

The park is divided in numerous sections. In the regular style section there are Cossack juniper, hornbeam, arborvitae, various firs, willows and poplars. The landscape (or natural) section is filled with alleys of oaks, birches, maples, sycamores, beeches and sycamores. The forest park section hosts oaks, hornbeams and various shrubs, and along the highway there are plants that need sunlight: acacias and white birches. There are even tress that are over hundred years old. They are located in those sections of the park that are not easily accessed by visitors.

A panorama of the park

There are two amusement parks, a carting track, a boat station, a café and several billiard halls in Goloseevsky park; lakes and banks are populated with ducks. Bird are almost domesticated due to the numerous tourists that feed them bread. In spring and summer you can see strings of small fluffy ducklings and gulls flying over lakes. Moreover, the park has a lot of easily frightened squirrels.

Although Goloseevsky park cannot be viewed as a masterpiece of landscape design, its strongest feature is the location in the centre of the city, which is valued by visitors. It is nice, clean and quiet in the park. You can sit on numerous benches while reading a book or chatting to your friends. There are always moms with prams, as this place perfectly fits for taking a walk. Children especially enjoy riding on catamarans that you can rent there. Adults may be unimpressed by the size of the lakes, but children will definitely love it.

Address of Goloseevsky park: 40th Anniversary of October avenue, 87.


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