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Good Angel of Peace in Donetsk

Good Angel of PeaceThe monument of Good Angel of Peace in Donetsk was created and erected in the charity project "Good Angel of Peace" which was created in order to renew the great tradition of philanthropy. The composition of the monument is a gold angel on a granite pedestal, which releases a dove in the sky, a symbol of peace.

Angel, imprinted in gold and granite, according to organizers of the Fund, is a symbol of mercy and calls for help in preserving life on Earth.

Cities in which there is a "Good Angel of Peace" have been chosen by the project committee not by the accident. In the relay involved are precisely the places where the most actively reviving patronage ideas. The monument is also a symbol of friendship between the cities and states. The first monument of the relay is set as revival of patronage in Moscow. Design of the monument was created and implemented by Russian artists Pavel Sromskim and O. Oleinik.

Good Angel of Peace in Donetsk

In Ukraine, the project is positioned as a thank you to the past and the hope to revive the tradition of Maecenas in the future. On the pedestal of the monument are engraved the names of all the great Ukrainian patrons of art from the XVIII century to the present day.

The list of participants is consists of Russia, China, the Republic of Tatarstan, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Cyprus, the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania, and Ukraine.


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