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Goverla is the highest mountain in Ukraine

One of the Ukrainian Carpathians attractions is the vertex of the Chornohora array at 2061 meters – the mountain Goverla.

Goverla mountain in winter

The name of the mountain, translated from Hungarian means "snowy." Goverla has the correct pyramidal shape and is a popular ski resort and tourist destination for hiking, biking and traveling. The first ascent to the summit was completed in 1880.

Besides Goverla the Chornohora array includes four mountains, which deserve attention of tourists. They all have a height of more than 2 thousand meters, they are: Chorna 2028 meters, 2020m mountain Petros, Gutin Tomnatik at 2013 m and Rebra mountain at 2002 m.

Before you go for your independent trip, it is necessary to clarify the route, as in the mountains often occur avalanches and rockfalls. From the mountain opens up the beautiful panorama to the surrounding villages and forests.

Goverla is the highest mountain in Ukraine

Goverla mountain slopes are reminiscent of alpine meadows with growing rhododendrons, and at the base of the Goverly mountain begins the fast and deep river Prut, which is famous for its waterfalls and mountain stream. Goverla is part of the natural reserve of Chernogor and a place where there nature and culture are absolutely unique. In the reserve live deer, bears and wild boars which can be easily seen during a hike or a walk in the mountains. On the slopes of the mountains grow more than 300 different species of medicinal plants, among which are relict samples that do not occur in another region. Since Goverla is part of most tourist itineraries, you can always find a guide who will tell you local legends and walk you to the top and back.


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