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Government offices in Kiev

The architecture plan of Kiev, which was designed in 1780s, has dense urban areas placed in front of the Sophia bell tower. Nowadays there is a defensive shaft called “Poperechny”, which goes around the Trinity church.

Government offices in Kiev

In 1998 archeologists found fragments of two antique stone buildings from the XVIII century near the bell tower. These buildings are believed to be former monastery stables. Moreover, fragments of houses and utility pits of the same age have been also found.

We now know that in 1830-1840 the territory of Sophia complex was redesigned. As a result a lot of city blocks and shafts were demolished and trenches were filled up. As a result, most of the territory between Mikhailovskaya and Sophia bell towers was leveled. In 1850s an academician F. Solntsev added a fourth tier to the bell tower, and in 1854 government offices appeared in this place. These offices included District Court, the Court of Justice, the Treasury Chamber, the provincial treasury and board, printing, drawing, municipal police government, notarial archives, and some other departments.

An old image of the offices

The building, which was designed by M. Ikonnikov, I. Strom and K. Skarzhinsky, was completed in 1857. Initially the front part and side parts has 3 floors and were separated by 2-storyed insertions. In 1900 the building was renovated and the third floor was added where it has been missing. This is how this state-owned building turned into a simple rectangular house. This architecture mistake was corrected in 1907 by adding extra floors to the central and side parts. The new building divided Zhitomirska street into Velyka Zhitomirska and Malo-Zhitomirska streets and Troitsky lane. At the same time Rylsky lane, which was an extension of Troitsky lane, disappeared.

Sofievskaya square

In 1860-1861 a 2-storyed mansion was built on the territoty of an estate that used to belong to a provincial architect Mikhail Ikonnikov. In 1900 an architect V. Nikolayev completely rebuilt the house. In 1868 a park was created in the area of “Poperechny” shaft. This park survived until nowadays. The square was renamed and has been known as Sofievskaya square since 1869. During the years of Soviet Union the building preserved its function. Nowadays it hosts the Court of appeal, the Regional directorate of Internal Affairs and other officials.

Address of government offices: Kiev, Vladimirskaya street, 15.


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