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Greek St. Trinity Church in Odessa

Svyato-Troitskaya Church in OdessaGreek St. Trinity Church (Svyato-Troitskaya Church), also known as St. Trinity Cathedral or Troitsky Cathedral, is an Orthodox church of the Odessa Eparchy of the Moscow Patriarchy. Since January 2006 the church was called “Svyato-Troitsky Cathedral” and in the same year the Greek government insisted on adding the word “Greek” to the church name on the tablet at the entrance.

The cathedral started being built in 1795, when Metropolitan of Ekaterinoslav (former name of Dnepropetrovsk) and Crimea Gavriil founded it and three other churches for the Greek Community of the city. Initially the Cathedral had a wooden building; a solemn laying the foundation of a stone temple took place on June 19th, 1804. F. Frapolli was an architect of this project. The Cathedral, crowned by a dome and a bell tower with one spire, was erected in the Byzantinesque style. The new stone cathedral was dedicated in spring 1808.

During its whole existence the Cathedral was renamed time and again: so, during 100 years from 1808 to 1908 it was called Greek St. Trinity Church in Odessa, from 1908 to 1936 – Svyato-Troitskaya (Greek) Church and was closed to all visitors for the next five years. After its opening, from 1941 to 1956, the cathedral was called again St. Trinity Church, from 1956 to 1999 – St. Trinity Temple of Alexander Metochion, from 1999 to 2006 – St. Trinity Temple of the Odessa Metropolis of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, since 2006 the cathedral was renamed to Greek St. Trinity (Svyato-Troitskay) Church and had been called in such a way until now.

The first senior priest of the church, protopriest Ioan Rodesu, achieved 2 new side-chapels, which were built on to the church. As a result, the church became a cruciate construction. Both side-chapels were dedicatedGreek St. Trinity Church in Odessa in 1840.

Greek Svyato-Troitskaya Church is known not only as a sightseeing place of Odessa, a sample of architecture and culture, but also famous for the Ecumenical Patriarch Gregory V, executed by Othmen and whose mortal remains were hidden here during fifty years from 1821 to 1871.


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