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Green tourism in Ukraine

Green Tourism in Ukraine is the rest in private estates in countryside. Greeen Tourism in Ukraine. Ukrainian houseThe most attractive in Green Tourism are the factors which influence person in a favorable way. Having rest in countryside you won’t meet a number of tourists. Here are the sedative conditions which are very useful for the dwellers of large cities. Many people prefer to celebrate holidays in countryside. Except the standard services (dwelling, food etc.) the hosts can also offer extra ones: fishing, hunting, berry gathering, hiking and many others. And one of the main factors of green tourism is price it is far lower and more flexible than the price in other health-resorts.

Many people in Ukraine prefer to celebrate New Year or Christmas, to entertain with friends in such conditions. It’s very suitable for families and small groups. In many cases the silent Green tourism in Ukraine. Rahiv villageconditions of living are supported with the positive emotional effect of the environment – mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, sea etc. By the way the basis of the choice of the place for the rest in countryside is usually the landscapes and the ecology of the area. This kind of rest is very attractive in question of price because of its flexible system.

One of the most popular areas for the Green tourism in Ukraine is Western area with beautiful nature of Carpathian Mountains. Crimea the most popular rest place of Ukraine is also well known as a unique place for green tourism. Green tourism in each part of Ukraine (Central and Eastern area with Kiev region, Southern area, Northern area) has its own peculiarities but everywhere you will find beautiful nature and hospitable people.

The price offer of Green Tourism

The price offer of Green Tourism in Ukraine depends on different conditions:

1) domestic – the presence of the bath or shower, toilette inside the house, fridge, electro/gas stove etc.
2) infrastructure – the distance from the highway, river, sea, drugstore, shop, Green tourism. Beautiful nature of Ukraineforest etc.
3) extra services – transfer, excursions, hiking, learning of the language, riding, home fruits and vegetables, milk, honey etc.
4) season – winter and summer, New Year, Christmas, Easter are usually in high price, depending on the very region; spring and autumn cost lower.
5) region and district – the complex of sights, landscapes, ecology.

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