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Guta skiing resort

Geographical position

Guta skiing resort

Guta village is loacted in Bogorodchany district of Ivano-Frankovsk region. The 2011 census revealed that the population of the village in 738 people. The village is located not far from Drut, a mountain river. In 500 meters from Guta (the Carpathians) there is a guesthouse called Guta. Rest in Guta in winter usually means skiing in Sivulya mountain, which is the highest point of Ukrainian Gorgany. At the resort you can rent skiing equipment and use a rope tow lift. Tourism in Guta has been developed since the early days. Even during the time when Western Ukraine was part of Poland, Polish and Austrian gentry came here to improve their health. During the soviet era two guesthouses for best employees and members of the central committee were constructed. In the post-soviet time the presidential secretariat raised a question about constructing a President’s residency for meeting with important foreign guests, and after a research conducted by scientists it was decided that Guta suited the best. The resort turned out to have the best possible combination of local mineral waters and healing air. Every state official that happened to be in Guta had only positive things to say about the resort. One more advantage of the village is that due to the President’s residency being located there, all mobile carriers work perfectly in the area.

Sivulya mountain

Sivulya mountains

Sivulya mountain is the highest peak of the ridge system of the outer part of Ukrainian Carpathians. The mountain peak is divided into two parts: Sivulya-Bolshaya (1836 meters) and Sivulya-Malaya (1818). The slopes of the mountain are covered in spruce and beech forests, and above you will find areas of scattered stones and small plains. Guta skiing resort is more suitable for healing and recreation than for skiing alone. There is a single 700-meter skiing track that works together with a 500-meter lift. However, the lack of tracks does not stop free riders from conquering the slopes of Sivulya – photos of these extreme sportsmen can be easily found on the web. However, keep in mind that free riding is a result of regular training, and if you don’t have enough experience, you shouldn’t be reckless on the slopes on one of the highest mountains in Ukraine.

Accommodations in Guta

Cottages in Guta

When you arrive in Guta, prices for accommodations will definitely surprise you in a good way. In this high-end skiing resort, Guta village, you won’t have to pay too much for a room. Accommodation in Guta will cost you from 60 to 500 UAH ($8 to $62), depending on the season. Note that rest in Guta during holidays costs considerably more. Hotels in Guta are being constructed at the moment, and a few will have been built by next year. Currently you can stay at Mirazh recreational complex in the centre of Guta. Accommodation is located in 600 meters from the rope tow lift and has an arbor, a terrace, a BBQ area, and children’s swings. Rooms are well equipped, and every day the room is cleaned and the linen is changed. Rooms cost from 65 UAH ($8) for adults per day and 20 UAH ($2.5) for children.

Sinyegora hotel

Shyopot Karpat is a private estate located in Guta in 500 meters from the President’s residency. You can stay in a two-storeyed house with all modern conveniences. Guests can either rent the whole house for 500 UAH ($62) per day, or pay 100 UAH ($13) per person per day in Guta. Prices for accommodations change all the time, so better make all necessary arrangements beforehand. Sinyegora hotel is located in picturesque settings in a spruce forest. Not fat from the hotel there is a mountain river. The hotel consists of the main three-storeyed cottage, a large conference hall, a bar, an administrative building and a medical building. Prices are set individually. As for meals in Guta, there are plenty of options to choose from. Private sector owners will gladly provide you meals from local cuisine for an extra price. Near the lift you can taste grilled meat dishes and fragrant mulled wine.


The main attraction of Guta resort is its location. There is no other place like that in the Carpathians. The air there is particularly clean and fresh. There you won’t see the usual panoramas of mountain ridges: in Guta mountains seem to be growing from earth and rising to reach the sky. The slopes are covered in dense forest and snow, creating an unforgettable image. Mineral sources have a unique composition, so it’s not surprising that water from Guta is delivered to the President’s residency. Mountain rivers in Guta are so clean that you can drink right out of them without any risk of getting sick. It’s unlikely, but if you ever get bored with landscapes and start craving some cultural attractions, you can always go on a tour.

Church in Bogorodchany

For example, you should visit Bogorodchany village (36 kilometers). There is a catholic church that was built by Countess K. Pototskaya in 1691. Originally the church was built from wood, and from 1742 to 1762 a new stone church was constructed instead of the old wooden one. Not far from the church there is a complex of the Dominican monastery. Near the monastery there are chambers of the clergy, protected by barriers. Only a few elements of the complex have survived until nowadays in their original state – the gates on the south west. During the World War I the complex was almost completely ruined, and the restoration started in 1930. The restored complex has been standing until now. The church used to have an ancient icon of the Mother of God, but in 1944, during the World War II, the icon was taken to Poland. Nowadays the Catholic church is used as an Orthodox church. Several chambers of the church are occupied by a music school. If you ever happen to have rest in Guta, you can say you had a vacation in a presidential resort!


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