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Holocaust Museum in Kharkov

Holocaust museum in Kharkov is the first Ukrainian museum devoted to that theme. This is a non-state organization, and the exhibition consists of documents and other sources that were collected by Kharkov region committee “Drobitsky Yar” and its founder Larisa Volovik, who gathered her personal archive. The first excursion around the museum was conducted in winter on 1996.

Entrance to the museum

Museum funds are constantly enhanced by sources, which are provided by former ghetto prisoners, Kharkov citizens and people from all over Ukraine. Nowadays the museum has a staff of volunteers and employees, and students of schools and higher education institutions visit the museum while studying the corresponding topic.

Exhibits in the museum

Currently the museum has the status of a non-profit public organization “Kharkov museum of Holocaust”. Besides the museum, there is also a scientific and educational center called “My nation’ that organizes meetings, presentations, lectures, exhibitions and conferences that discuss Holocaust. The organization publishes a monthly newspaper “E digest”, has a video collection, a library and an archive collection. The museum is also active online, providing a collection of digital archives on their website.

The museum also has some current exhibitions. One of them, which is aimed at remembering the victims, is presented in the form of a slideshow, where every single picture is a separate tragedy narrated by the guide. There is also an exhibition devoted to the 1943 Kharkov trial where occupants were prosecuted for crimes against humanity. On the second floor there is an exhibition devoted to concentration camps and ghettos. A small hall with an oriel is used for temporary exhibitions; Kharkov artists exhibit their works on various topics in this hall.

Holocaust museum in Kharkov

The main objective pursued by the Holocaust museum in Kharkov is spreading the knowledge among the wider audience. While visiting the museum, a person comes to fully understand the fact that a crime like this will have its consequences. It not only damages the society the moment it happens, but is also likely to happen again. That is why only people who care can stop this disease from spreading and keep the society civilized.

Address of Holocaust museum: Petrovskogo street, 28, 2nd floor.


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