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Holy Protection Nunnery in Kiev

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. Even today the city has preserved little corners where you can find spiritual peace and rest from the bustle of the city. One of such places is Holy Protection Nunnery.

Holy Protection Nunnery in Kiev

The cloister was founded in 1889 by Grand Princess Alexandra Petrovna Romanova, who was expelled by her husband Tsar Nicholas Nikolaevich from St. Petersburg. In 1881 she moved to Kiev. The princess was weak in health, so constantly prayed to Pochaev Mother of God icon copy. After receiving healing, Alexandra took the veil, taking the name Anastasia and decided to erect a temple. The cloister conceived to be not only as a convent, but also as a treatment facility. The construction was carried on the means of St. Anastasia. Place for the nunnery was predicted by St. Theophilus of the Kiev back in the 30s of XIX century. It was consecrated on January 24, 1889.

The nunnery was built like a small town, which included monastic cells, temple and twelve other buildings. In the last there was a hospital with a home church, a parish school for girls, an orphanage for the blind and terminally ill, a shelter for orphans and poor children. There were also provided a free outpatient clinic and a pharmacy.

Nikolas Church of Holy Protection Nunnery

The Grand Princes not only paid for the construction of the nunnery, but did not disdain to be present at operations, actively assisting surgeons, watching by the patient's bedside. The nunnery was a luminary of medicine in that time. By the way, the first X-ray machine in Kiev appeared exactly at the Holy Protection Nunnery.

In 1896 began the construction of St. Nicholas Cathedral. Nicholas II payed in for the building of a therapeutic hospital and a clinic for parish patients (similar to the modern hospital). The next year was cross only for the city, but also for the cloister. Typhus epidemic pushed Great Mother (they so called princess in a nunnery) to open a convent hospital for typhoid patients.

Great Mother esposed her offspring without reserve. However, in 1900, constant tiredness and old disease let know. April 26, 1900 she died. Her sons Grand Princes Nicholas Nikolaevich and Peter Nikolaevich continued mother’s case. In 1910-1911 a large surgical hospital was built instead of the old one, the last could not accommodate all the patients.

Having survived during the years of faith persecution, war, fires, today Holy Protection Nunnery continues to accept religious people.


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