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House of Actors (Kenassa)

House of Actors (Kenassa), KievHouse of Actors (Kenassas) is a beautiful architectural monument decorated in the Mauritanian-Arabic style. The building was constructed during 1898-1902 by the famous architect Vladyslav Gorodetskyi and engineer Anton Strauss. Earlier, in 1896, Karaite community that numbered more than 800 people bought a land to build a kenassa. The implication was that the proceeds from the House of Actors could go to Karaite community charities. Solomon Cohen was the initiator of the construction, and he allocated funds amounting to 35,000 rubles. In 1896, despite the paralysis he continued to personally supervise the construction. After his death in 1900, the construction was completed by his brother, Moses. House of Actors (Kenassa), Kiev, UkraineThe building was decorated in Mauritanian style with beautiful dome with a spire and exclusive cement moldings, handmade by Italian Elio Salle. The structure was considered one of the rarest in the city due to its House of Actors (Kenassa)luxurious decoration and a craftsmanship. Today, on the opposite side of the street, in place of the missing dome there are moldings. The walls are 1.5 m thick at the base.

In January 27, 1902, the kenassa was opened and consecrated by Gaham Tauride and Odessa Samuel Pampulov.

In Soviet times, kenassa was closed. In 1926 there was an establishment of Political Education Department, then - the Puppet Theatre, and in 1970 – the cinema "Zaria". Over the years, the walls of the building had lost its former beauty, the colors faded, and the unique dome was lost. In 1986, the building was reconstructed.

Later, there was the Union of National Theatre Workers of Ukraine. Since 1981, the House of Actors was opened, and different performances, exhibitions, concerts and literary events took place there.

The inside of the House of Actors (Kenassa)

In February 13, 2010, Kiev City Council decided to evict the House of Actors in order to preserve the unique architectural monument.


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