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House of Baron Gildenbrand in Kiev

The luxurious four-storied mansion, which is known as the house of baron Gildenbrand, is located on one of prestigious streets of Kiev. Earlier this house was used as an apartment building. It was constructed in 1901 and was ordered by baron Vladimir Ikskyul-Gildenbrand Avgustovich. The project was designed by a civil architect N. Vishnevsky.

House of Baron Gildenbrand in Kiev

The façade of the house is decorated with an emblem of the Estland dynasty that Gildenbrand belonged to as well. The house was built in Gothic style and has a lot of spire towers attached to it.

The decoration of the facade

During the war period the house was badly damaged: the Gothic spires were demolished and wooden ceilings and floors burned down. After a reconstruction the planning of the house changed. There is a legend that one of the scenes of “Adjutant of His Excellency” movie was shot here, in the lobby stairs that were lucky to have survived the attacks. During the 1940 the housed was occupied by Nikolay Bazhan, a famous writer. For a long period the house was used as a typical apartment building. Since 1990 various people tried to buy the house out more than once, and finally, in 2000 the previous inhabitants were ordered to move out.

The entrance to the house

During the reconstruction workers tried to recreate the antique look at the house based on the pictures and engineering drawings that were left. The outside of the house was repainted into light pink. Walls and ceilings were once again covered with stucco; mirrors with gilded frames were hung on the walls; the roof was again decorated with Gothic spires. An annex appeared in the courtyard. Unfortunately, ordinary tourists can no longer come into the house for a tour around the luxurious interior; they can only view the house from the outside.

The new owner of the house repainted the house into burgundy and spires into mauve. Builders who used to work there say that there is a lot of rooms in the house, but it is not going to be a hotel, as there are no entrance doors with locks. Therefore we can presume that the house will be occupied by a single family.

Address of the house of baron Gildenbrand: Shelkovichnaya street, 19.


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