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House of Peter I in Kiev

House of Peter I in Kiev is the name of the architectural monument dated by the XVII - XVIII centuries. Nowadays, it is a branch of the Kiev Historical Museum. In 1706, Tsar Peter I stayed in this house during his visit to Kiev.

Ask any senior Kiev citizen about the House of Peter I, and you will be told not only how to get to this two-story white building with green roof but also a few stories about the house.

House of Peter I in Kiev

House of Peter I was built in the late XVII - early XVIII centuries, during the marble building in Kiev.

In June 29, 1909, in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava, a memorial plate in honor of Peter I was officially opened on the building. In 1965, it was replaced by a new granite memorial board with a picture of Peter I and an inscription: "Peter I lived in this house in 1706-1707». However, it hanged on the facade of the building only for 20 years. At the end of 1980, an unknown hooligan wrote on the board the word "torturer" and soon it was broken into small pieces. After this incident, City Hall refused to restore the memorial board.

House of Peter I, built of brick and plaster, has an asymmetrical composition. The building has several rooms; the entrances are located on the north and south. There are spiral stairs in the north-eastern tower. The building has beautiful facades and small windows. On the north side it is decorated with the loggia, supported by pylons. The same arcade is located on the open-air terrace of the southern facade.

House of Peter I in Kiev, Ukraine

In 1970, the building was renovated, including the original decoration of the facades and alterations inside the house.

Many prominent people stayed in this ancient building, including genius composer Artem Vedel and legendary Kiev doctor Theophilus Yanovskyi. In 1917, there was the Aleksandrovsky Orphanage headed by Dr. Ivan Voskresensky.


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