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House of weeping widow in Kiev

House of weeping widowOn the Lutheran street in Kiev there is situated the incredible building - house number 23. This manor was built by E. Bradtman in Art Nouveau style in 1907 due to order of the Poltava merchant Sergei Arshavskiy.

On its facade above the windows there are carved monograms of estate owner. The main feature of the house is a sad woman's image and when it rains, it seems as if there are tears on her cheeks. That is why the building was called the “House of weeping widow”. This is two-storey house, brick, rectangular in plan with enfilade planning. In the eastern part there are the front and back stairs. In the north there are lodges on both floors. Each of the four facades has its solution. Front doors, facing the intersection, are decorated with labradorite, gray granite, artificial stone blocks, stucco decorations of the brick, olive ceramic tile, yellow brick masonry core, forged metal. House of weeping widow. KievThe center of the main facade is highlighted with pilaster side, which ends with a horseshoe tongs with the female mask inside. The flanks are accented with jambs, the eastern one - with a French balcony above the entrance, in the castle rock above - cartouche bearing the monogram of the owner. In the right flank there is the exquisite forged gate with geometric patterns. Western jamb is outlined with granite blades at the second floor, in the outside there is the decorative tower. In the left there is the parapet with openwork wall. Other facades are made in face brick. The interiors preserved the original decor. The building is an example of elitist building of Lypok.


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