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The House with Chimeras. Kiev. Ukraine

House with Chimeras. UkraineThe House with Chimeras is one of the most famous sights in the Ukrainian capital. It was created by famous Kiev architect Horodetskyi. There several legends about the building of the House with Chimeras. They say that Mr. Horodetskyi's daughter died during a sea voyage and that to commemorate his beloved child the architect placed mythical leviathans on the facade of his house. Others say the strange house appeared on the hill for more pragmatic reasons. They say that Vladyslav Horodetskyi decided to construct a building on this spot - so dangerous and difficult for construction - over a wager with his colleagues. However, it's just as difficult to prove this fact.

Today sharp outlines of the House with Chimeras rise to the sky, attract attention like a magnet and shock you with their strange, extra dimension of refined House with Chimeras. Kiev. Ukraineunearthliness. The tentacle-like whiskers of strange fish descend from the roof, and in the corners of the house proud beauties with tridents sit astride these monstrous fish. Giant frogs perch on the cornices, and restless lizards skitter up and down the columns of the front door. Deer and rhinoceros, elephants, birds and giant reptiles are spread out across the walls. This variety of fantastic fauna is combined into one composition by an almost unseen array of exotic plants and fishing nets. 

The House with Chimeras was the first building Kiev to be constructed from cement and is built precariously on the slope of the hill. According to archival documents, the building was constructed during a record short period. In February, 1901 the architect bought a plot of land and by August the walls had been built on that deserted place. Within twelve months, seven luxurious apartments in the House of Chimeras were ready to accept residents. 

The sculptures of mythical monsters and Kiev. Ukraine. House with Chimeraschimeras decorating the house were made by Elio Sala a talented Italian and friend of the architect based upon drawings by Vladyslav Horodetskyi. The architect didn't neglect any detail in the decor of the interiors. Everything is decorated in one stylistic theme, from the halls to the living rooms and the stairs. The luxurious decorations were not even destroyed till our time.
Nowhere in the world there is anything similar to the refined, luxurious, half-magical, half-real House of Chimeras. Even people who have visited almost half the countries of the world and have seen wonders that can't be seen even in dreams stop here too look at this masterpiece of architecture.


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