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Hydro park in Kiev

The Kiev hydro park is located on the Dolobetsky and Venetian islands between the Rusanovsky strait and Dnieper. Earlier there was Predmostnaya suburb, which was demolished in 1943. The hydro park was founded in 1965-1968. It is a water amusement park with lots of beaches, water rides and boat stations. The park occupies 365 hectares and has been created by two architects – I. Shpara and V. Suvorov.

Hydro park in Kiev

Hydro park is very popular among Kiev citizens and tourists as a recreation spot. This place can host around 75 000 visitors at a time. The islands are connected by the Venetian bridge, which was built in 1966 and is 144 meters long. There is also an underground station called “Hydro park” that has a passengers flow of 250 000 people a day.

Nowadays there is a “Kiev in miniature” park and a lot of entertainment facilities, such as restaurants, cafes and discos in the Hydro park. There are beaches for children, disabled people and even nudists. Visitors can also rent a boat or a catamaran, play big or table tennis, football, paintball, beach rugby and volleyball, and have fun at water rides. Sport fans can also rent a bike and ride it around the area.

Kiev in miniature

Hydro park also has an outdoor gym, which is quite popular among visitors. It is a publically funded gym, and the state of the gym has been maintained by an employee of Institute of cybernetics Jury Cook. This is where the alternative name for the park, “The land of Cook”, comes from.

A gym at the park

Attractions at Hydro Park are so diverse that every visitor can find what he likes best. Fans of extreme will love the roller coaster and other rides, while kids will enjoy riding the toy cars. Recently a rope park has been founded, and now you can get extra impressions by climbing by the ropes between the trees. If you don’t feel confident about your abilities, experienced instructors will always help you. Elderly people also have plenty to do at the park: a dance floor with music of a particular style is created specifically for them. Hydro park always welcomes visitors who love to spend their time in an active way.

Address of Hydro park: Brovarskoy avenue.


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