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Hyperboloid water tower in Nikolaev

Hyperboloid water tower in NikolaevThe remarkable water tower has splendored on the top of the beautiful Spassky Hill (this is one of the highest places in Nikolaev) for more than a hundred years. It has the status of a monument of culture and history.

The feature of the tower is its hyperboloid design, which, despite its interesting curvature, is composed of straight beams. Such form was first introduced into the architecture by Shukhov, famous Russian engineer. According to his projects there was built a huge number of similar structures throughout Russia and even abroad. Among them there is a popular television tower in Moscow on Shabolovskaya Street.

The tower height is 84 feet (25 meters, tank - 32 meters), the total tank capacity is 50 000 buckets (615 m3). In the middle of the core there is a spiral staircase, and around the tower there is a metal balcony. The project of hyperboloid water tower in Nikolaev

The question of the construction of the Water Tower was raised in Nikolaev in July 1904. The project by Shukhov (the engineer of the Moscow factory) was recognized the most successful of all submitted projects. To implement the project there were spent 35 638 rubles 99 kopeks by city society (including the construction of fences and a small stone guard house).
In 1906 there started to drill the wells and to build the stone foundation. There were brought different metal constructions from Moscow, which were at once assembled with bolts. In the end of the assembly the bolts were completely replaced with rivets. The full installation of the tower was completed in January 1907 and on March 15 the tower was connected to water mains of Nikolaev.


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