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Independence Day in Ukraine

Day of Independence. Ukraine24 August, 1991 Ukraine proclaimed its independence (until it belonged to USSR as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic). The act of proclamation of independence of Ukraine from August 24, 1991 was approved on Dec. 1, 1991 through the national vote.

This event became the public holiday only in June 1992 when Verkhovna Rada adopted the August 24 Independence Day of Ukraine. In fact, the first Independence Day was celebrated on July 16, 1991-th - in memory of that July 16, 1990 the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR adopted the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine.

History of Ukraine's independence

History of Ukraine is to be counted from the inception of the Kievan state in the 9th century. After the decline of this state formation, and accompanied by the disintegration into small principalities in the 17th century there was created Cossack-Hetman State, which lasted until the late 18th century, after which, until the 20th century, existed the independent Ukrainian state.

Independence Day. UkraineAfter the revolution of 1917 in Ukraine delineated the rise of national movements, transforming in the "Third Universal" of Central Rada November 20, 1917, declaring Ukrainian National Republic - UNR. In this Universal there were announced freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, strikes, death penalty abolition, etc.

After the refusal of the Ukrainian government to accept the ultimatum of the Bolshevik Soviet of People's Commissars, which was required to enable them to invade their troops in Ukraine, as well as not to allow White officers and Cossacks to Don, there began the Ukrainian-Bolshevik War. The military successes of the Bolsheviks forced the UNR leadership to call Germany for help UNR.

Since mid-February 1918 there began the attack of German and Ukrainian troops on the territory seized by Bolsheviks. By April, the whole Ukraine was liberated from the Bolshevik occupation, but, in fact it remained occupied by Germany - Germany, brought its protégé to power by armed force. The ensuing civil war and the series of interventions were completed in March 1919 in Kiev with adopting of the constitution "of an independent Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic" on the Ukrainian Congress of Soviets.

December 28, 1920 between the USSR and the RSFSR there was signed "worker-peasant alliance agreement about military and economic cooperation", which laid down the dependence of the USSR from the Independence Day in UkraineRSFSR. The next chance for an independent Ukrainian state presented only in the late 20th century, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

August 24, 1991 the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR proclaimed Ukraine an independent, democratic state, and made an "Act of independence of Ukraine" on the confirmation of all-Ukrainian referendum on 1 December 1991.

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