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Protecting Veil (Intercession) of Mother of God

Intercession of Mother of GodProtecting Veil (Intercession) of Mother of God and Virgin Mary is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on October 14. This is the main autumn fest, the history of which dates back to the year 910, when in one of the temples of Jerusalem during the service weak-minded Andrew and his disciple Epiphanius saw floating in the air Mother of God, who spread out the wide white veil over worshippers.

... On Sunday, during the night vigil, when the temple was crowded with worshipers, St. Andrew, in the fourth hour of the night, raised his eyes to heaven, saw traveling through the air Blessed Lady, our Mother of God, illuminated by heavenly light and surrounded by angels and saints. St. John the Baptist of the Lord and the holy Apostle John the Theologian accompanied the Queen of Heaven.

Bended knee, the Blessed Virgin began to pray for Christians with tears and was for a long time in prayer. Then, coming up to the throne, she continued to pray, after finishing that, she took off the veil of her head and spread it over the worshipers in the temple, protecting them from visible and invisible enemies. Blessed Lady shone with the heavenly glory and the veil in her hands glimpsed “more than the rays of sunshine”. Protecting Veil of Mother of God

Blessed Virgin Mary
asked the Lord Jesus Christ to pray for all people, calling on His Most Holy Name and resorting to her intercession.

In Russ the Intercession Feast gave the start for weddings, and the girls went to church on this day to pray that the Lord had sent them good bridegrooms. People sign suggests that the more snow on the Veil is, the more marriages will be in this year.

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