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Ioninsky monastery in Kiev

Ioninsky monastery of Holy Trinity was founded in 1860s in Kiev by the Archimandrite of Vydubychi Monastery Father Jonah (Iona). The church was built on the piece of land that used to belong to Princess E. Vasilchikova, widow of the governor-general of Kiev. Due to the efforts of Father Jonah the abandoned ruins turned into a sacred place for the believers. Pilgrims and suffering people came from every corner of Russia to search for healing. Father Jonah was later canonized for his work.

Ioninsky monastery in Kiev

In 1918 there were over 800 novices and monks in the Kiev orthodox monastery. The monastery functioned until 1934, and then it was shut down following an order from the Soviet officials. Until then the tallest bell tower in Russian Empire was being constructed. It was estimated to be 110 meters tall. In 1935 then already inactive monastery was included to the territories of the Botanical garden of the USSR AS.

Ioninsky monastery in Kiev

The Ioninsky monastery was taken aback by the Orthodox Church only in 1991. At this time the body of the holy elder Jonah was also given back to the church. Archimandrite Agapitos became the first vicar of the Ioninsky monastery. The same year the church service was renewed.

In the early 1990s the monastery started undergoing a major reconstruction. The rood was renewed, the domes were placed properly, and the ceiling was renovated. The ornate interior of the monastery is adored by parishioners. There is also a gorgeous carved iconostasis with beautiful icons on it. The Holy Trinity Church, which is the main building of the monastery, was decorated with a clock tower, and fraternal houses were added. The Ioninsky monastery fraternity has been reconstructing the caves and temples of Zverintets monastery since 1997. In 2009 the monastery became an independent skit.

Ioninsky monastery in Kiev

Nowadays the Ioninsky monastery is engaged in education activities. There are several parochial schools that teach their students the Scripture, Greek language, basic painting and choral singing. Moreover, there is a school for deaf, a children’s tourism club, and recitation courses for adults and young parishioners.

Address of the Ioninsky monastery: Timiryazevskaya street, 1.


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