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Karl Marx Prospect in Dnepropetrovsk

Karl Marx Prospect in DnepropetrovskThe Karl Marx Prospect is the main administrative, cultural and commercial artery of the city. It is 5 kilometres long; the greater part of the Prospect is faced with paving-stones and the street forms a straight line with two boulevards and tram rails through its whole length, spreading the whole city and finishing on the hill, where the Potemkin’s garden is situated.

The original name of the street is the Catherine Prospect. It’s the oldest artery of the city, whose building goes back to the foundation of Dnepropetrovsk, to the end of the eighties of the 18th century. The idea of its foundation was offered by I. E. Starov, architect of the city’s general plan.

The history of Karl Marx Prospect. After its building the Prospect was a long street, which had 200 steps wide and was enough large to lay out gardens or vegetable gardens and to drive cattle to pasture, what was always used by local inhabitants. The city’s governor L. Fabra made the decision to improve the Prospect. Also, clearing and planting operations started in 1847, the street was electrified in 1903 and there were the cinemas “Palais”, “Modern”, “Lux” in the same year. In 1923 the street was renamed to its modern name, the Karl Marx Prospect. The highway was laid through the centre of the Prospect after its reconstruction and the boulevards were built from its both sides. Maples and poplars were transplanted in four rows and there was a big lilac bush between each pair tree group.

From the both sides of the Prospect thereKarl Marx Prospect in Dnepropetrovsk are old buildings today; many of them are the monuments of the past. Here you will find a diorama, a military cemetery for the fallen soldiers in the civil war, monuments to famous writers and poets, a historical museum and other historical places. Karl Marx Prospect begins near the Glory Monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers and stretches till railway station “Dnepropetrovsk — main station”.


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