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Kharkov zoo

The zoo in Kharkov is one of the most famous and largest zoological gardens in Ukraine. It was founded in the end of XIX century by famous scholars. While planning a trip to Kharkov, don’t forget to include a visit to the local zoo, which is situated in the centre of the city, in your to-do list.

Entrance to the zoo

There are over 7100 animals and birds who are inhabitants of the zoo, and this number grows every year. Generally there are 380 species living in the zoo, and 103 of them are considered to be rare. Most of the animals and birds are listed in the Red book. Here animals have the best possible living conditions, even though the finances provided by the government and ticket sales are not sufficient. The money received by the zoo is mainly spent on food for animals, while cages also need financial aid.

A deer at the zoo

Nevertheless, financial problems are up to the management to resolve, and visitors should just enjoy their experience at the Kharkov zoo. There are bears, playful monkeys, noble deer, brightly colored and noisy parrots, a serious hippo and many other inhabitants. Once you see this peaceful world, you understand that animals resemble humans with their human-like features and emotions, and that is why you feel slightly confused when animals pay no attention to the visitors. However, guests of the zoo enjoy their visits very much, as it is nice to have a getaway from the big city with its grey buildings, noisy highways and polluted air.

A polar bear at the zoo

The management board of the zoo is planning to add new sections devoted to Africa and South America by placing new exotic animals into cages. Currently there already are sections of ichthyology, amphibians and reptiles, birds, birds of prey, ungulates, chimpanzees, primates, elephants and hippos, as well as a department domesticated animals. Children particularly enjoy a visit to the contact section of the zoo, where they are free to stroke, keep, feed and play with predators’ cubs and adult animals who don’t beat any danger. Often visitors are in for a bit of a treat with having a chance to take a picture with a baby lion or a baby bear, which will definitely impress you a lot.

Address of the Kharkov zoo: Sumskaya street, 35.

Working hours are from 8 till dawn; the Kharkov zoo is opened from May till October.


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