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Kiev circus

Kiev circus is Ukraine’s oldest permanent circus. The modern circus building was opened in 1960 and can seat up to 2100 viewers. The centre of Ukrainian circues art is acknowledged all over the world. Kiev state circus arena has been the stage for performances from the famous circus artists, who are the most talented and well-known artists of their genre. This stage has produced new variety shows, acts and attractions that are as good as classic examples. Performances take place in Kiev circus for 10 months every year.

Kiev circus

The building of the circus was designed by V. Zhukov in 1950s. Previously St. John’s iron church was located in this place. An impressive 2-storeyed building has wide semispherical stairs and is decorated with pastel ceramic tiles from the outside. The rood is essentially a dome topped with a tower and a spire. These parts were constructed with the usage of cutting edge technology. The pillars are covered  in Inkerman stone, and the bases are decorated with pink granite. The building has an area of 77.85 thousand square meters. There are buffets, a café, technical rooms, a lobby and an arena with a balcony. Initially the building was designed to seat 1986 people.

In 2010 the circus celebrated its 135th anniversary. Before the time it was opened there were only tents or temporary wooden circuses in Kiev. Each of them worked for a couple of months and was later demolished.

The facade of the circus

In 1998 Kiev state circus was given the name of the National circus of Ukraine, which gave it the legal grounds to be called the main circus of the country. Nowadays lots of new acts are created in Kiev circus and then are taken around the world on tours. Artists of various genres, a ballet troupe, and one of the best Ukrainian music bands work in the circus. Several years ago the technical setting of the circus was majorly renovated: new lighting equipment replaced the old one and gave the viewers an opportunity to get a better impression from the performances.

Le foyer du cirque

A visit to the circus is an exciting event for children and adults.

Address of Kiev circus: Kiev, Pobedy square, 2.


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