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National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy

Kiev-Mohyla AcademyNational University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy is one of the oldest higher educational establishments of Ukraine. It was founded in 1615, closed 1817, reopened in 1819 and finally revived only in 1992.

During its rich history the University was named school, college, academy, university. It was supported by Zaporizhian Cossacks headed by Hetman Petro Sahaidachny. Here were taught the children of the Cossacks and the commoners; the period of study reached 12 years. In the Kiev-Mohyla Academy there is a unique library, which had been collected for over two centuries. This university was the first Orthodox school in Eastern Europe, which awarded the title "academy". The graduates of this educational establishment founded the first universities in Russia. The building of the National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy is depicted on the banknote 500 hryvnia.

The University is recognized worldwide; it graduates excellent specialists; it has 6 faculties; there is a plenty of branches across the country, there is held annually the great contest to study in this university. Kiev-Mohyla Academy has many awards, among them: 2nd place among the top institutions of higher education in Ukraine in 2009, 1st place in graduating specialists in the economic and humanitarian spheres and 2nd place Kiev-Mohyla Academy Armsin graduating specialists in the legal field in 2007, 3rd place as the best institution of higher education in Ukraine, chosen by employers in 2005.
Among the famous graduates of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy there are names of Peter Doroshenko, Philip Orlik, Yuri Khmelnitsky, Paul Teterya, Gregory Skovoroda, Ivan Skoropadskyi, Ivan Mazepa, etc. 


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