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Kiev Shrine - Vydubytskyi Monastery

Vydubytskyi Monastery in Kiev was founded in the XXI century by the son of Yaroslav the Wise - Prince Vsevolod. This beautiful architectural complex is located in the Vydubychi mountain area.

Kiev Shrine - Vydubytskyi MonasteryNowadays, its architectural ensemble includes the Church of Archangel Michael (1070-1769), Heorhiivskyi Cathedral (1696-1701) and Spaskyi Cathedral (1696-1791) built ​​in the Ukrainian Baroque style. The small Mykhailivskyi Cathedral has remained almost unchanged since the 11th century.

Vydubytskyi Monastery has been widely known since the times of Kievan Rus.

Originally, the main church of the monastery was the Church of Archangel Michael, built in 1070 by the Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavovych. Unfortunately, it has survived only partially. The church was located over the slope of the Dnipro River, and was strengthened by the retaining wall in order to prevent the landslides. The wall was constructed in 1199 by the architect Petro Miloneg. However, in the XVI century, it didn’t save the eastern part of the temple from the landslide.

Later, on the ruins of the Mykhailivskyi Cathedral a new church was built by the architect M. Yurasov. From 1696 to 1701, other buildings of the Vydubytskyi Monastery, including the Heorhiivskyi Cathedral, the

Vydubytskyi Monastery in Kiev, Ukraine

Church of the Transfiguration and the refectory, were constructed in the same style of Ukrainian Baroque. The funds for the construction were provided by the Starodub Cossack Colonel Mykhailo Miklashevskyi.

Heorhiivskyi Cathedral is a classical and proportional five-domed temple. Unfortunately, in Soviet times, the five-tier iconostasis was lost. The walls of the refectory are decorated with ornaments; above the entrance there is an emblem of Mykhailo Miklashevskyi, which depicts a bow with crossed arrows.

Vydubytskyi Monastery in Kiev

Another highlight of the Vydubytskyi architectural ensemble is a bell tower, which was constructed in several stages. The two bottom tiers were built in the Ukrainian Baroque style, while the third tier with a dome and a spire was added by architect D. Melenskyi in the classical manner.


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