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Kiev State Museum of Aviation

Do you know that the first airplane, first aviation plant in the Russian Empire, first dead loop, first air ram, and many other things are related to Ukraine? So, the State Aviation Museum in Kiev is open for all who are in love with the sky, who are eager to learn about real aviation or to those who dream to master the steering wheel of a plane, even though not quite in the reality.

Kiev State Museum of Aviation

The history of the world aviation is closely related to Ukraine. In 1910, an engineer from Kiev, Alexander Kudashev, built the first airplane, whereas in Odessa, Artur Anatra constructed one of the first aviation plants in the Russian Empire. It was in the sky of Kiev, where Petro Nesterov performed the well-known “dead loop” later called after him, and died above the Ukrainian soil when accomplishing the world first air ram. The world first assembly of heavy bombers was based in Vinnitsa region.

Kiev State Museum of Aviation. Ukraine

In 1930s, Kharkov Aviation Plant produced first Soviet civilian planes K-1 and K-5. The world largest transport planes, An-124 “Ruslan” and An-225 “Mria” have been constructed in the Antonov Aviation Complex. Engines of all “An” planes have been developed and produced in Ukraine. You will be able to learn all of it and much more if you visit the State Aviation Museum in Kiev City.

The exhibition of State Aviation Museum includes the major types of planes and helicopters that were used for war and peace purposes. There is also a collection of fighters Mig, among of them is a fighter produced back in 1950s, and a fighter of fourth generation MIG-29, as well as the world fastest war plane – the reconnaissance-bomber MiG-25RB. Also you can see the first Ukrainian serial airplane “Anatra Anasal”, constructed in 191917, and the first Ukrainian post-war plane – the famous “Kukuruznik” An-2.

Kiev State Aviation Museum

Kiev Museum of Aviation can be proud of the unique collection of all models of the supersonic bomber-rocket carrier Tu-22M and the collection of the marine aviation which includes submarine chasers, and the world largest marine plane Tu-142M3, with wing reach of 50 meters.

You may sit and take pictures in the cabins of some planes. For instance, you may enter plane L-76, visit the cabin, and take the seat of navigator or pilot. The exhibition of the museum is constantly growing and will surprise its visitors with new rooms equipped with computer flight training simulators.

Address: Kiev, Medova Street 1. The museum is open on Wednesdays-Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The entrance fee is 15 UAH.


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