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Kiev TV Tower

The Kiev TV tower is the tallest construction not only in Kiev, but in the whole Ukraine. It is different from the Moscow Kremlin stars, because you can see the tower from almost anywhere in the city. The TV tower has a practical mission – to ensure Kiev citizens get what they need on their TVs and radios. However, it also has a significant architectural value.

Kiev TV Tower

The tower is located in Syrets – a historical centre of the capital of Ukraine. Nearby the tower there is the Lukyanovsky memorial and Babyn Yar. And just 60 years ago this place still belonged to the Kiev suburbs.

The TV tower belongs to secure facilities, and that is why you can only view it from the outside. It is a tall construction made of metal and is 385 meters tall. Out of all lattice structures of the world the Kiev TV tower is by far the tallest. Previously these lands used to be occupied by an old city cemetery.

The tower at night

The TV tower was designed by scholars from the “Ukrainian scientific institute for steel constructions” named after V. Shimanovsky. The tower was constructed in 1968-1973. The overall weight of the metal constructions of the tower is 2.7 thousand tons. The tower consists only of steel tubes of various diameters. The lower part of the tower is constructed of four slanted lattice towers supporting the lattice prismatic part. In the centre of the tower there is a vertical tube that is 4 meters in diameter. Its function is an elevator shaft, and then it transitions into the antenna part. There are two elevators in the tower, the first goes up 200 meters, and the second reaches 329 meters. At 80 and 200 meters height there are several technical sections.

The lower part of the tower

What is unique about this metal construction is that all tube fragments are connected without bolts and rivets. All elements are linked with the unique method of rearing, which does not include any crane or aircraft facilities. The metal constructions were manufactured in the USSR. Installation, design, and construction works were also completed by Soviet engineers. It is also noteworthy that the Kiev TV tower is 60 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and at the same time it is 3 times lighter.

Address of the TV Tower: Kiev, Dorogozhitskaya street, 10.


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