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The Kiev zoo

The zoological park, which is located in Schevchenkovsky district of Kiev, is a scientific and research, environmental, cultural and educational institution, which belongs to artificially created objects of nature reserve fund. It occupies 34,2 hectares, with the exhibition occupying 21,8 hectares. There are several thousand animals and plants at the Kiev zoo, which constitute the ecosystem of this zoological garden.

Entrance to the zoo

The Kiev zoological park is an official member of Eurasian regional association for aquariums and zoos, as well as a member of International info system for species. Collections of various animals are created and kept here; scientific, research and educational works is conducted; different entertainment events for visitors are organized in the zoo.

Kiev citizens and guests of the city love to visit the zoo that recently celebrated its 100 anniversary. Here you can see a big collection of animals that are familiar to our area, and exotic plants. The collection of the Kiev zoo consists of exhibits from all around the world, and 32 species are included in the Red book.

A hippo at the zoo

During your visit remember that every inhabitant of the zoo is unique and needs special handling. A treat that you find perfectly harmless can damage an animal’s health.

This zoo is a municipal establishment, and therefore is in constant need for financial aid. Those visitors who have a desire to help the animals, can put their donations into a special box. Items that can be used by animals to play with are very welcome here. If a visitor wants to see how the zoo works from the inside, he can try his luck as a keeper – a zoo employee.

A camel at the zoo

If you’re going to visit the zoo for the first time, it’s better for you to join an excursion with a guide. You can do it if there are less than 30 members in the group.

Remember to take your camera with you – a picture with animals will not only look pretty, but will also remind you of the great times you had in the zoo. You can take photos for free.

The zoo is located near the “Polytechnic institute” underground station. You can also go there by trolleybus or route taxi. The zoo is opened from 9am to 7pm on weekdays, expect Mondays, and from 9am to 8pm on weekends and holidays. The entrance fee is from 10 to 25 UAH.

Address of Kiev zoo: Pobedy street, 32.


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