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The temples of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Located at the hills of the right bank of river Dnieper Kiev-Pechersk Lavra meets gests with a wonderful view of temple cupolas which are Curches of Kiev-Pechersk Lavraglittering at the sun. The view of temples of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra from the left bank of river Dnieper is really incredible. It is one of the main sightseeing in Kiev.

The building of temples of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra started in second part of XI century. In 1075-1077 Assumption Cathedral was erected which became the main temple of Kievan Rus. In course of time the territory of the monastery broadened and the number of the erected temples grew up. Nowadays near the Great Church of Lavra is situated the temple in honor of the reverend Antonij and Feodosij Pecherskih with the refectory church.

The Church of Annunciation of Saint Virgin Mary adjoins the refectory chamber from the east side, and from the west side it adjoins the house of Kiev metropolitans. For the present there is situated the museum of the Ukrainian decorative culture. The highest and the most grandeur building of Lavra is the Great Bell Tower of Lavra, which was erected in 1731-1745.

From the side of hill are situated the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Krestovozdvizhenskaya) and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Architectural complex is added to the UNESCO Listthe Church of all Reverend of Pechersk (Warm Temple). The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Krestovozdvizhenskaya) Church was not rebuilt and up to nowadays it saved its primary view. Its northern part adjoins the hill, in which the caves are dug. There are cut through three enters into the Near caves. Church of all Reverend of Pechersk – is the second land temple on the territory of the Near caves. The building was erected in 1839.  In 1872 on the second floor was built and consecrated the church in honor of all reverend of Pechersk. The yard of the Near caves is supported with the wall, from which the ladder goes down, then the paved way leads to the wells of reverend Antonij and Feodosij. In 2002 the chapels were erected above the wells.

On the territory also located the Church in Name of Conception of Just Anna, the temple in honor of st Apostle Andrei Pervozvannyi, the temple in name of the icon of Mother of God, the church of the birth of Saint Virgin Mary.

The main enter in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is the Saint Gates. They are in the hollow in the western wall of the fence. The walls of this ledge are covered with images of the reverend fathers of Pechersk. The most ancient is the church in the name of “The Trinity Zhivonachalnaya” built by the reverend Nikola Svyatosha the grandchild of Yaroslav the Wise in the 12th century.

To our time the primary planning of the construction of Lavra was not changed. It harmonizes with the relief landscape of the right shore of the Assumption CathedalDnieper. The monastery lies on the high hills between which there is the deep ravine that divides it into the so-called Upper Lavra, where in the 11th century settled the main fraternity, and Lower Lavra where are situated Near and Remote caves. Each of the complexes of the ancient residence consists of some temples, administrative and dwelling constructions.

The architectural complex of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra enters the list of the world’s monuments of culture being protected by UNESCO.



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