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Koktebel Beaches

Koktebel beachesThe central beach of Koktebel is very clean – at first there are large pebbles, and the sand is farther. Of living creatures here are hermit crabs. The bay is pierced by a bisecting-mole pier, from which people jump into the water. The water is clear. Here are no rocks. Divers regularly clean the waterbed. The beach is equipped with locker rooms. Many coffee shops are situated here.

Here you can find a huge number of various types of entertainment. You can go windsurfing, water skiing, use the rollercoasters, motorcycles, bicycles, go paragliding and seagliding, ride the banana, scuba dive, take boat trips, and visit an amusement park on the shore, etc. Rental of boards for windsurfing is very cheap - only 7 hryvnia per hour. In the reserve is present a free toilet (on the right side of the beach, when facing the sea).

All the central beaches of Koktebel, are of course overcrowded, because to come to the beach to reserve a spot, it is necessary for you to come at maximum 8-00 am. At 9-00 it is late – there is no spot for even an apple to fall.

If you like when it is not overcrowded? Then you go into a quiet bay with sandy beaches and less people. But because in such coves people come to rest with their tents a lot of garbage is left behind. Such coves can be reached on foot (1 hour walk) or by means of a shuttle bus (4 hryvnia per person one way) or on a rented bicycle.

It would be even better to take a walk in the park Kara-Dag. The Koktebel naturist beachentrance fee is 10 hryvnia for one ticket for an adult, 5 hryvnia for children all day long. The time to the Little Gravel Bay is 45 minutes, but the water there is crystal clear, grab a mask to swim – you will have a lot of fun and of course, there are virtually no people.

Entertainment on the beach: a banana, a scooter, paragliding, which are 10 minutes of pleasure worth 100 hryvnia. Scuba diving costs 80 hryvnia.
The large arc Koktebel bay stretches from the Kara Dagh to Cape Chameleon. The beach, which once consisted almost entirely of semiprecious pebbles, the last 150 years has been virtually taken apart for gifts by experts and connoisseurs. Beach in the meantime had disappeared. Now it is artificial with pebbles based on a concrete embankment.

Not everyone likes the artificial whitish shingle - on the beaches of the resort and the new Green Beach in the west of the village. By the 2005 season, Green beach was significantly transformed. At the water along its entire length are made wooden steps to the water, and on to the shore fine golden sand has been poured. Here is a small concrete promenade with cafes and other serving establishments. Of natural beauty remains very little, but the rest is comfortable. Small nice gravel is on the Koktebel naturist beach on the east. Throughout is an extensive shoal, but the concrete walls to jump into the water are just in the western area.

At the western slopes of Cape Chameleon, the Koktebel beach is gradually eroding. The local bay is called the Dead. Perhaps this is due to Crimea Koktebel beachthe fact that there it never storms, ot maybe because of the smell of hydrogen sulfide and decay of algae in stagnant water. There are several sources of blue clay, and generally people pass here twice as much as the route across the cape along the coast is much faster and easier than on the top, where there are a lot of ravines and dry slopes.

To the east of Cape Chameleon are stunning beaches in the Quiet bay, the French beach, and even further – there are a few creeks and vast sandy beach of Ordzhonikidze. Everywhere you can pass along the coastal paths, rocky headlands, bypass the water which is always very calm and gentle.

Koktebel is very popular resort of the Crimea.


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