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Korolev museum in Zhitomir

Space museum named after S. Korolev is the only space museum in Ukraine. The museum consists of several buildings, including the memorial house-museum of S. Korolev, a new exhibition “The Space”, museum funds and a planetarium that is currently being constructed.

Korolev museum in Zhitomir

The opening of the memorial house-museum of Korolev took place in 1970. A small house where the future scholar was brought up was turned into a museum. You can see personal things, photos, documents and furniture that once belonged to the Korolev family. Most of the exhibits, including documents and personal belongings, were given to the museum by Korolev’s mother Maria Balanina, his daughter Natalia, his wife Nina and his friends and coworkers.

Exhibits of the museum

In 1987 the construction of a special building for “The Space” exhibition was completed. The exhibition was officially opened in 1991. Here visitors can take a look at a unique collection of equipment and devices used in space industry. Among the exhibits you can find photos, documents and souvenirs linked with space theme. A special section of the museum includes items from the history of space industry in Ukraine. For example, there are models of "Soyuz" spaceship, "Lunokhod-2", a landing vehicle of the automatic interplanetary station "Venera-15", and landing vehicle, which has been into space and belonged to the spacecraft "Soyuz-27".

In 1987 the house-museum was renamed into Zhitomir space museum named after S. Korolev, and in August of 2010 a major renovation, aimed at bringing the museum funds and the planetarium to work, began.

Exhibits of the museum

Nowadays scientific and culture events take place regularly at the museum. In 2012 the anniversary of the museum was celebrated by opening an exhibition called “Through hardship - to the stars”. It tells about the stages of development of the museum, as well as its administrators and staff who made it all happen.

During the time since the museum was opened, it has been visited by more than 2 million people.

Address of the space museum named after S. Korolev: Zhitomir, Dmitrievskaya street, 5.


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