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1 May: Labour Day

1 of MayMay 1, 1886 American workers organized a strike demanding an 8-hour workday. The strike and the accompanying demonstration ended in violent clashes with police.

In July 1889 Paris Congress of II International, in memory of the workers in Chicago, decided to hold the annual May 1 demonstrations. First day of international solidarity of workers was recorded in 1890 in Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, France, Norway, Sweden and some other countries.

For a long time, Labour Day was a symbol of the revolution, irreconcilable class struggle. This holiday is celebrated in 66 countries worldwide.

1 May DemonstrationIn the Soviet Union May Day for years was the main public holiday. May 1, 1990 leaders of the Soviet Union and the CPSU for the last time went up the podium of the Mausoleum for the latest official May Day demonstration. In 1992, the International Workers' Solidarity Day was renamed as Day of Spring and Labour. In the world the May Day is still celebrated as the feast of proletarian solidarity.

1 of May was also called the holiday of spring. It really was the first spring holiday, except Easter. People were glad of the renewal of nature and went to the demonstration. Demonstration was not only the political action. It provided an opportunity to meet friends, see your team, school 1 May: Labour Dayall at once. After the demonstration, people united as friends, received the guests. Festive table was the necessary attribute of May holidays.

Then perestroika started. From the national holiday there remained only two days off. It was modestly called – Day of Spring and Labour. Demonstrations on the streets of villages and towns have ceased.

Today, this once-ideological holiday has lost its political character and everybody celebrates this holiday in his own. But until now, many will remember the legendary "WORLD! LABOUR! MAY!". And whatever is behind this slogan, let us all May holidays bring joy (of labor), the world and May! Happy holiday, with Labour Day!


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