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Landscape alley in Kiev

The landscape alley in Kiev was founded in the early 1980s by an architect Abram Miletsky. It runs along the area where in the X-XIII centuries used to be defense constructions.

Landscape alley in Kiev

The alley was created so that Kiev citizens and tourists could observe the Dnieper and Podol district from the Upper historical part of the city. It was designed as a part of “Ancient Kiev” reservation that included the area of settlements that stood there before Kiev was founded. Moreover, the authors of the project intended the Landscape alley to be an addition to the Urban planning of the XIX century museum, Andreevsky descent, Archeology institute of USSR Academy of Science and improve the landscape created by the Old Kiev and Zamkovaya mountains, as well as Detinka and Uzdikhalnitsa. However, the project was not implemented to the fullest. However, the Landscape alley is still a decoration of the area.

Mosaics on the wall

Kiev citizens love this place a lot. To admire the magnificent view you have to walk down the Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya street and turn to the parks of Kozhemyaki, Degtyary and Gonchary. The mountain Poskotinka, which was named so because locals used to herd their livestock here in the XIX century, is especially popular among visitors.

A bench shaped like a rabbit's head

Since 2009 the Landscape alley began to undergo a major transformation. The man behind it was a sculptor K. Skretutsky, who created giant sparrows, zebras in love, centipede cats and fountains shaped like elephants. The collection of stone sculptures is constantly enhanced. This year a Children’s park opened here. The creation of the park was sponsored by the inhabitants of the nearby houses. The fence is decorated with children’s faces made from mosaics. Even litter bins look like dices. Now children and adults can sit on a bench shaped like a head of a cat, crow or a rabbit.

In 2010 the Landscape alley was expanded with a “Alice in Wonderland” ground with rides made in similar style: there is a Cheshire cat, a caterpillar and a magic rabbit.

Besides young moms and their kids, there are lots of tourists with cameras, who want to save their memory of this visit.

Address of the Landscape alley: Desyatinny lane.


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