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Lenin Prospect in Zaporozhye

Lenin Prospect in ZaporozhyeProspect of Lenin is the main street in Zaporozhye, which connects the main administrative districts of the city and is situated along the Dnieper River. The length of the street is 10.8 km and this prospect is believed to be the longest on the territory of Ukraine and across Europe. But this view is misleading because Moskovsky Prospect in Kharkov has a length of about 20 kilometers, and the Prospect of Independence in Minsk - about 15 kilometers.

January 4, 1952 the City Council of Zaporozhye decided to assign the name of Lenin to the main thoroughfare of the city. The prospect has joined 4 streets: Prodolnaya, Karl Liebknecht, Kuznechnaya and a new street at the site of the former Voznesenka.

Lenin Prospect in Zaporozhye starts from the central railway station and stretches up to the Lenin Square near Dnieper Hydropower Plant. The street starts at the Railway Station Square, it crosses the territory of Zaporozhye Automobile Plant Lenin Prospect in the night(ZAZ), runs along the former Shenvizsky Bridge near the bus station, crosses a small river Mokraya Moskovka, where previously was situated the southern boundary of Alexander Fortress. At a distance of about 100 meters from this bridge the prospect bends slightly (near the former Kalantyrovsky settlement - now the village of Karantinny), and then turns into a nearly perfect straight line. This line begins near the former Kuznechanya Street, then it passes the northern boundary of the former Alexander Fortress (near the river Sukhaya Moskovka), dam named after Leningrad Komsomol and moves into a new part of town, passing Voznesenka and Sotsgorod.
Lenin Prospect. Zaporozhye
The citizens of Zaporozhye consider the Lenin Prospect one of the best streets in the world, as this highway is not only a center of business life, but also the center of entertainment facilities in the city. There are the theaters and cinemas, youth clubs and bars, cafes and restaurants, offices, shops, saunas, building of city administration etc.


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