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Liberty square in Ternopol

Liberty (Svobody) square in Ternopol is a place that has witnessed a lot of historically significant events in the course of several centuries. Poor unemployed citizens gathered there, near the castle of a Ternopol tycoon, to demand food and jobs. During the Revolution workers organized meetings and demonstrations to tell the authorities their demands. Revolutionary Committee of the Galician area held meetings in the house #2 in 1920, and in 1939 Ternopol workers greeted their liberators, who gave them the joy of freedom and happiness, with bread and salt in Liberty square.

Liberty square

In 2002 a monument to Danila Galitsky was installed in the square. The stone figure of the Great Prince was created by a sculptor V. Rudoi. The old Dominican church can also be seen from the square. It’s a complex that consists of a church and monastic cells that were built in 1749-1779. The project of the church was created by a famous architect August Moshchinsky. Unfortunately, the monastery created by J. Potocky was dramatically damaged by the World War II. Only in 1953 it was finally restored to host an art gallery, and in 1992 the Dominican church was acquired by the Greek Catholic community, who founded the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Art gallery had to move to another place – the Regional art museum.

Dominican church

Not far from the Dominican monastery you can see a monument to Galician metropolitan Josyf Slipyj, who presided in Ukrainian Greek Catholic church in 1944-1984. He had to spend several years in hard labor, but he did not let his holy orders go.

Monument to Danila Galitsky

Liberty square in Ternopol is a nice place to have a walk in. There is a cozy park with comfortable benches, cafes and pizzerias, and not far from the square there is the famous Komsomol lake – an artificial pond that occupies the area of more than 300 hectares.

Address of the Liberty square: Ternopol, Svobody square.


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